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Perfume?! Perfume.

Fragrance and I don’t have the best history.  Growing up, mom would get me all kinds of smell goods only for them to go bad on my dresser. I would forget to spray some on before school or not like the scents she picked for me. Many, MANY years and one KathleenLights later,  I got curious about fragrances and set out to find the perfect one.

So far I have 3! I love them and they don’t give me super strong headaches (or none at all)

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful – 1.5 Fl oz. for $12

This is the most affordable fragrance in my new stash. It is my favorite out of all the Zoella Beauty fragrances. It has such a clean scent that isn’t over powering. Every website I’ve checked says that it has a feminine floral scent. The packaging is SO nice that it’s a little hard to believe that this perfume only cost twelve dollars. A glass bottle with a good nozzle.  On me, It fades quickly, but most of my purses can hold it so I can spritz more on throughout the day.

Good Chemistry Queen Bee – 1.7 Fl oz. for $24.99

Every trip to target brings around a surprise. This time I was shocked to see them come out with a line of fragrances. There are 4 collections : Confident & Charming, Good & Grounded, Vibrant & Playful, and Cool & Collected. The one I fell in love with is from the vibrant and playful line. It is called Queen Bee! The notes are black currant, peony, and amber. It smells so good and it works so well with my skin I’m obsessed! The Good Chemistry perfumes are vegan (didn’t know this could be a thing), paraben & phthalate free. Now this one lasts all. day. long. Don’t have to carry it around with me because there’s no need. Nice glass packaging and good nozzle. I also don’t mind the price. Compared to other scents, roller balls are more expensive.

Lancome La Vie est Belle- Roller Ball is $26 and. that. is. enough.

There are three super expensive & luxurious scents that I will spend money on. La vie est belle comes in a roller ball so it’s the one of the three I have. This is the epitome of a perfume working with ones body chemistry. It feels like I came out the womb smelling like this perfume. Notes are iris, patchouli, & gourmand (idk about that last one.  your guess is as good as mine). I do get the  “that’s what my grandma/aunt/ other older family member wears” and honestly I don’t care. It smells so good!

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Favorite Things

Listen. I do not have the funds to have a favorites that’ll make a huge blog post once a month. The favorites I do have, are from this entire winter season


Kuretake Zig brush pens:

Many things I love about these pens. They are double sided, each side is a different color, and they look lovely in my bullet journal. I have the pastel set  and just a big 12 pack (really 24 pack) of  classic colors you’d expect to find in markers. They do take a bit to dry, but I find the my hand lettering turns out the best with these.


Zoella Beauty ” Wonder Hand” hand cream

Between school and the office, there is a lot of hand soap that dries out my hands. There has been extra hand washing lately because of flu season. On top of that I was sick last week, so I’ve been washing my hands a hundred times a day. This leads to super dry and uncomfy hands.

I can’t begin to sing the praises of this lotion. It feels so nice and hydrating on my hands. The scent is heavenly! I’m usually really picky about scents and this one is okay. It does take a little while to absorb, but that means my hands will be soft. You get SO much in one tube that this lotion is amazing for knees and elbows in a pinch. Wonder Hand has been a god send for work as I kneel a lot to refill the drink fridge, or filling the printer etc (general entry level office work.) I also like to wear dresses more often so the ashy knee issue was REAL for a little bit.


Lauren Conrad “Hydrangea” Heels:

A purchase that was an emergency for a Christmas party, has turned into one of my favorite pairs of heels of all time. They are comfortable, a neutral color that goes with most outfits, and they didn’t break the bank. These are definitely a good pair of heels for all occasions. The heel isn’t super high, so comfort is a factor. I can easily get through a cocktail party, or a night out where there is some walking involved.

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your favorite things?

Xx Elisabeth


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Travel Essentials

Traveling with friends is always a fun thing to do. Cheap travels ( if possible), a cool destination, great memories, and tons and tons  of pictures!! Question is, what do you bring with you on the traveling part of the journey? My trip is Wednesday and I finally got a good list of things to keep me entertained.

Camera: For some people, It can be a fancy dslr, it could be that Polaroid you thrifted not too long ago, it could be your phone. Story is that I need a camera, those pictures and the  memories they bring with them, will last for forever and it’ll be great to stick in a scrap-book, or frame around my house (room.)

300 writing prompts:I like to write, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with inspiration. I got this notebook in Books A Million the other day. It has 300 different topics to write about. I also have a separate notebook in case the inspiration really takes hold.

Books: Because I am me, and I also want to use as little data as possible, I’m bringing two books with me. Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg: From reading the first girl online book, I’m going to assume that it’s another easy read and  I’ll finish it before we get to where we are going. I got This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab for my birthday and I am SO EXCITED to read.

Headphones:  Headphones are essential for anything travel related. Weather going international or making the long trip from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Essential Oils: I like to take a more natural route when it comes to dealing with my anxiety. The chamomile and lavender oils help calm and soothe in a stressful situation.

Facial Spray: Because no one smells good or feels good after being cooped up in a car for hours.

So yes, I’m going  on a trip to go see 5 seconds of summer tomorrow!! I’m super excited! I’ve been trying to see them for YEARS, and the day has finally arrived. I’m traveling to Jacksonville Florida with a few friends, because it’s always better as a group.

Are you traveling soon? What are your essentials?

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My Makeup Dream Come True

Story time: Sophomore year of college has ended and I passes all of my classes! Why must I share this bit of information you ask? Well, this is a blog, but I know that I one day I’ll look back at these so it’s a diary too! The second reason?  It’s how I justified this cheeky purchase.

The Nars eye shadow duo in Isolde. I’ve wanted this item since I read Zoe Sugg’s blog post . Being 15/16 years old and not a wearer of makeup, I wasn’t about to ask my parents to  spend a load of money on 2 eye shadows. Fast forward almost 4 years and I’m in Sephora checking out  (w. my hard earned money) with my first Nars product!

I have to be honest, if for one second I had a complaint or something I didn’t like, it was going back to Sephora. It was too expensive to keep if I wasn’t going to use it. Luckily, I loved the application. They are smooth,buttery, they look incredible, and they last such a long time. I’ve never had people complement my makeup before I used this, and I felt like quite the princess. By the end of the day, my eye shadow looked as good if not BETTER as when I first applied it. I can’t say that for the rest of my makeup.   Isolde is beautiful, it has a burnt orange and a deep copper eye shadow that look beautiful together and on their own. I may have to invest in more of these, but for right now I’m going to enjoy my short summer and my wonderful new discovery

Have you treated yourself lately? Let me know what it was!