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Favorite Things

Listen. I do not have the funds to have a favorites that’ll make a huge blog post once a month. The favorites I do have, are from this entire winter season


Kuretake Zig brush pens:

Many things I love about these pens. They are double sided, each side is a different color, and they look lovely in my bullet journal. I have the pastel set  and just a big 12 pack (really 24 pack) of  classic colors you’d expect to find in markers. They do take a bit to dry, but I find the my hand lettering turns out the best with these.


Zoella Beauty ” Wonder Hand” hand cream

Between school and the office, there is a lot of hand soap that dries out my hands. There has been extra hand washing lately because of flu season. On top of that I was sick last week, so I’ve been washing my hands a hundred times a day. This leads to super dry and uncomfy hands.

I can’t begin to sing the praises of this lotion. It feels so nice and hydrating on my hands. The scent is heavenly! I’m usually really picky about scents and this one is okay. It does take a little while to absorb, but that means my hands will be soft. You get SO much in one tube that this lotion is amazing for knees and elbows in a pinch. Wonder Hand has been a god send for work as I kneel a lot to refill the drink fridge, or filling the printer etc (general entry level office work.) I also like to wear dresses more often so the ashy knee issue was REAL for a little bit.


Lauren Conrad “Hydrangea” Heels:

A purchase that was an emergency for a Christmas party, has turned into one of my favorite pairs of heels of all time. They are comfortable, a neutral color that goes with most outfits, and they didn’t break the bank. These are definitely a good pair of heels for all occasions. The heel isn’t super high, so comfort is a factor. I can easily get through a cocktail party, or a night out where there is some walking involved.

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your favorite things?

Xx Elisabeth


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The Coloring Book Obsession 





This has made a shocking comeback, coloring. Yes the ultimate childhood favorite has returned and this time children aren’t the only ones taking advantage of it. The coloring books that are made for adults are so freaking cool, and we have many more options too. My too favorites are a “Fashion Design” and a romantic castles . I have others that are basic floral print, I use them more when I need to calm down, but the other two is where I like to get creative with color schemes. I even like to add in my own little drawings and designs to them. It’s so perfect for those of us who can’t draw. I am in the mood to go get the game of thrones coloring books, because it’s awesome. There are some added benefits too. I remember being a kid and a teacher made me sit and color every single day. I had to color neatly as well because it apparently helps with handwriting? I know hand writing isn’t a huge deal anymore with all of this technology (It really should because hand written letters are adorable),  but it helps justify the amount of time I dedicated to coloring. I love to color at night right before bed. It helps me disconnect from all the screens and oddly enough I sleep better