Larkspur of the Moment

larkspur noun  lark·spur  \ ˈlärk-ˌspər \  1: delphinium 2: any of the delphiniums that are annuals, have the upper two petals of the corolla united and the bottom two missing, are now often placed in a separate genus (Consolida), and include several widely cultivated forms  On the spur of the Moment spur-of-the-moment [spur–uhv-thuh–moh-muhnt] adjective occurring or done without advance preparation or deliberation; extemporaneous;  unplanned:a spur-of-the-moment decision.  Humans find very interesting ways to … More Larkspur of the Moment

Perfume?! Perfume.

Fragrance and I don’t have the best history.  Growing up, mom would get me all kinds of smell goods only for them to go bad on my dresser. I would forget to spray some on before school or not like the scents she picked for me. Many, MANY years and one KathleenLights later,  I got … More Perfume?! Perfume.

Morphe 35R Palette

The morphe 35 R palette is one of the most beautiful palettes I own.  Nothing will ever top a good brown eyeshadow and this palette has enough to last a life time! I made a whole video creating a gorgeous look using the 35R!