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The Foundation Shake Up

Okay so picture this:

A young woman comfortably in the oily/greasy skin type lane. She loved setting power, she adored the Estee Lauder double wear and fenty pro matte. The whole dwey skin situation was a huge “wtf why is that a thing?”  Now add in age, the correct skin care, and laser hair removal of the facial area,and what do you get??? foundation that never failed, suddenly looks patchy and cakey, and generally an unhappy bean.

If you have never experienced skin changing skin types with the season, it’s a WILD ride. Your entire makeup arsenal is prepared to start matte and stay matte. Then the base comes out really cakey for no reason. And if you’re like me, it’s not even worth it to wear makeup because it’s going to not be good and if you don’t feel good then what’s the point???  This is the epitome of first world problems, but this whole situation got me feeling down for a while. I’m not a world class makeup artist,  BUT  I was proud of how my base  usually turned out. This entire sob story to say, yes I fugured out that my skin turned dry and yes,  I went to ulta right after work to get all of the dewy foundations everyone has been screaming about.

The cult classic L’Oréal pro glow foundation is still a little too dewy for me. I can use it no problem for three days after my laser treatments when my skin is at its driest. It looks INCREDIBLE all day long. Sadly, it oxidizes and the shade range is pretty basic. The simple answer is to get a lighter shade but WHO has the time to wait for the foundation to actually turn into your color? Thank u, next

Nyx total control is actually so NICE! I’d had always gone back and forth on whether to try it or not because i had a friend, with oily skin, that had tried it and was not a fan. Now that these pores are little less flooded, it’s quickly becoming a favorite. There are so many shades to chose from as well!! There’s a warning with this one: it stains clothing

Wet and Wild photo finish was a foundation that I already enjoyed and if someone told me that this would be the foundation that does the trick, This would be a much shorter blogpost.   (we’re 371 words in) IT’S JUST SO GOOD AND SO CHEAP. It has such a nice coverage, the finish is a satin, and the shade range is incredible for a drugstore brand!!

With these three, I’m stocked up on foundations for a good while. I will be traveling this month and am excited to see how the Wet and Wild performs on the go! Let me know if your skin type has changed and you did to adjust.

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Larkspur of the Moment


noun  lark·spur  \ ˈlärk-ˌspər 
2any of the delphiniums that are annuals, have the upper two petals of the corolla united and the bottom two missing, are now often placed in a separate genus (Consolida), and include several widely cultivated forms 
On the spur of the Moment



occurring or done without advance preparation or deliberation; extemporaneous;  unplanned:spur-of-the-moment decision. 

Humans find very interesting ways to communicate. Letters, carrier pigeons, phones, email, and strangely enough, flowers. Way back in the picturesque history before instant communication, plants had meanings and messages. We  still know a lot of these today! Red roses (red in general) for passionate love, daisies for innocence and hope, forget-me-nots are self explanatory,

Larkspur symbolizes summer and being carefree. It is also the birth flower for July, my birthday month! Now the spur of the moment part is the brain child of one of my best friends who is a genius when it comes to things like this. We spent an entire night coming up with a new name that represents me, and I feel like it’s been captured in an amazing way! It’s made me really excited to start writing again and developing this space.

Dress is from Cotton On (it’s not the same, but it’s close enough)

Shoes??? Come on you know this lol (converse)

pictures by Sydney Gillum

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Bullet Journal: One Year Update & June Set Up

363 days ago, I scrapped together what ever cash I had to order a dot-grid note book, and a pack of colored pens, to jump into the world of bullet journalling. Back then, it was a struggle to find a dot-grid notebook that didn’t cost all my pocket money, now they seem to be everywhere (or I got real good at researching). I had also been watching as many videos as I could to not mess this up. I didn’t know if I would keep this up past month 3, I didn’t think that planning could be such a creative release, and I didn’t know that an amazing community of Journalers existed being artsy, inspiring, and calming.

So has it kept me organized?

My time management has improved ten fold. I rarely miss assignments now, and I’m better at scheduling rather than squeezing everything in after school/work. There have been rough patches where I had such a mundane routine, I didn’t feel like I needed a planner anymore, but it’s fine it’s working itself out. There are still things to do before and after work.

Is it hard to keep up?

It’s actually easier. Once I found what I liked, what formats worked for me, and what I actually needed, a routine appeared. Now, it was about making the doodles and washi tape fit into my personal system, rather than fitting a planner in a sea of pen ink and tape. It’s also really nice, that if there was a week where planning didn’t make sense, there wouldn’t be any wasted pages like in a traditional planner. You pick up where you left off. No guilt. No shame.

Couldn’t you do  this digitally?

YES! there are so many digital bujo set ups and they are just as creative and useful as the physical journal. That didn’t work out for me, I just love the feeling of pen to paper.

Get to the June set up WOMAN

June is going to be SOOOOO busy so space is essential. I spread out my monthly layout into two pages instead of one.  I’m also taking advantage of my local library, so there’s also a library book tracker along with my usual trackers. I made two whole packing list pages for all the events. There also isn’t a theme? I couldn’t think of one I liked enough to settle on, so I took everything I had for journaling and just went to town.

Tell me about your June set ups!

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Perfume?! Perfume.

Fragrance and I don’t have the best history.  Growing up, mom would get me all kinds of smell goods only for them to go bad on my dresser. I would forget to spray some on before school or not like the scents she picked for me. Many, MANY years and one KathleenLights later,  I got curious about fragrances and set out to find the perfect one.

So far I have 3! I love them and they don’t give me super strong headaches (or none at all)

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful – 1.5 Fl oz. for $12

This is the most affordable fragrance in my new stash. It is my favorite out of all the Zoella Beauty fragrances. It has such a clean scent that isn’t over powering. Every website I’ve checked says that it has a feminine floral scent. The packaging is SO nice that it’s a little hard to believe that this perfume only cost twelve dollars. A glass bottle with a good nozzle.  On me, It fades quickly, but most of my purses can hold it so I can spritz more on throughout the day.

Good Chemistry Queen Bee – 1.7 Fl oz. for $24.99

Every trip to target brings around a surprise. This time I was shocked to see them come out with a line of fragrances. There are 4 collections : Confident & Charming, Good & Grounded, Vibrant & Playful, and Cool & Collected. The one I fell in love with is from the vibrant and playful line. It is called Queen Bee! The notes are black currant, peony, and amber. It smells so good and it works so well with my skin I’m obsessed! The Good Chemistry perfumes are vegan (didn’t know this could be a thing), paraben & phthalate free. Now this one lasts all. day. long. Don’t have to carry it around with me because there’s no need. Nice glass packaging and good nozzle. I also don’t mind the price. Compared to other scents, roller balls are more expensive.

Lancome La Vie est Belle- Roller Ball is $26 and. that. is. enough.

There are three super expensive & luxurious scents that I will spend money on. La vie est belle comes in a roller ball so it’s the one of the three I have. This is the epitome of a perfume working with ones body chemistry. It feels like I came out the womb smelling like this perfume. Notes are iris, patchouli, & gourmand (idk about that last one.  your guess is as good as mine). I do get the  “that’s what my grandma/aunt/ other older family member wears” and honestly I don’t care. It smells so good!

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Bullet Journal May 2018

After a whole month of jamming every shade of gray in existence into my spreads, it’s time for some color!  I haven’t seen a lot of people use orange as their main color in bullet journals. Isn’t that weird? It’s a nice color, but it’s severely overlooked so I am changing that! Instead of picking one thing like citrus or butterflies, if it is orange, and I like it, it’s going into the may spread. Now, the actual drawings are rough, and there are a LOT of black smudges. I was trying out the putting color down and then drawing on top of it. It worked so well for others but I’m not sure about it. Not every month can be an artistic master piece. I like it enough and it’ll work for what I need.

The usual spreads are the cover, drop list dates, month at a glance, and the habit tracker. Two new spreads I’m including are an expense tracker,  and a job application tracker. I am looking for a new job and need to  keep track of where I’ve applied and how long it’s been since I’ve applied. An expense tracker is also needed because I have to be a lot stricter with spending. The goal is to only spend on essentials like bills and gas, but iced coffee is a thing so I need to have a visual list of my spending to keep myself in check. They are super simple and look similar.

Tell me about your journals this month!! What themes or colors are you drawn to try?

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Bullet Journal: April 2018

I totally missed out on the 6 months mark to do a general update on how bullet journalling has gone for me. I’m going to try out monthly updates, even if it’s just to show my spreads and themes!

For April, I wanted to do a rain theme. It was a take on April Showers, but as  I was sketching out the cover page, I liked the cloud theme so much that it it stuck!  AmandaRachlee and her  April set up video was also a big inspiration.  The main collections for this month are the cover page, the date drop list, the month at a glance, my habit trackers, a shopping list, a bill  tracker, and a few doodles/aesthetic pages.

I should have only chosen one accent color, but going through all of my markers every gray, pale blue, and lavender was perfect for this theme. A lot of people would consider this super sad and depressing, but cloudy and overcast days (when it’s not so humid you have to swim everywhere) are my favorite. Next month there will be more color!

On the topic of the bullet journal; do you have any fitness/workout spreads you love? I’m getting more serious about getting fit, and losing a little weight. Figured that I can keep myself accountable by incorporating it into my Bujo, besides the standard tracker. Let me know in a comment, or on twitter & Instagram;  @elisabethlovess

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Favorite Things

Listen. I do not have the funds to have a favorites that’ll make a huge blog post once a month. The favorites I do have, are from this entire winter season


Kuretake Zig brush pens:

Many things I love about these pens. They are double sided, each side is a different color, and they look lovely in my bullet journal. I have the pastel set  and just a big 12 pack (really 24 pack) of  classic colors you’d expect to find in markers. They do take a bit to dry, but I find the my hand lettering turns out the best with these.


Zoella Beauty ” Wonder Hand” hand cream

Between school and the office, there is a lot of hand soap that dries out my hands. There has been extra hand washing lately because of flu season. On top of that I was sick last week, so I’ve been washing my hands a hundred times a day. This leads to super dry and uncomfy hands.

I can’t begin to sing the praises of this lotion. It feels so nice and hydrating on my hands. The scent is heavenly! I’m usually really picky about scents and this one is okay. It does take a little while to absorb, but that means my hands will be soft. You get SO much in one tube that this lotion is amazing for knees and elbows in a pinch. Wonder Hand has been a god send for work as I kneel a lot to refill the drink fridge, or filling the printer etc (general entry level office work.) I also like to wear dresses more often so the ashy knee issue was REAL for a little bit.


Lauren Conrad “Hydrangea” Heels:

A purchase that was an emergency for a Christmas party, has turned into one of my favorite pairs of heels of all time. They are comfortable, a neutral color that goes with most outfits, and they didn’t break the bank. These are definitely a good pair of heels for all occasions. The heel isn’t super high, so comfort is a factor. I can easily get through a cocktail party, or a night out where there is some walking involved.

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your favorite things?

Xx Elisabeth


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 Skincare Routine for my 20s

Hi lovelies!!

Setting up a skin care routine has been a little difficult in my early 20s. Most of the people in life are telling me to wait because I’m so young and there’s still so much time. By starting a routine now, it’ll be easier to add more later on in life and I will already have tried-and-true basics to go to when my skin gets problematic. I have to wash my face because of makeup and hygiene, but I wanted a little more than just moisturizer and the Sunday face mask. My routine, after washing my face, is 3 steps so there’s no real excuse to not do it. That is key because I live to make excuses to get in bed faster! It also doesn’t change from day to night. It’s the same so I barely have to think about it. Right now that works really well.

After washing and drying my face I either brush my teeth for bed or am getting dressed for work or school. I need to dampen my face a little so I use a facial spray. My current favorites are the Mario badescu rose water spray or the Urban Decay quick fix. It’s easy and adds a boost of hydration.

This is the game changing step: SERUM. My skin changed SO MUCH when I started using a serum. I got a little freebie of the Bare Minerals skin longevity serum at Sephora. It made my face feel so nice, soft, and hydrated that I bought a full size and never looked back! What ever is in this bottle is doing amazing things and I feel like I’m going my skin every favor.

To seal in this layer of goodness, I moisturize using the Garnier Moisture Rescue . Oh my GOODNESS I love this moisturizer. I have oily skin, so I feel like it does the job without being greasy. It’s also a neat little dupe for the Clinique moisture surge which is another AMAZING moisturizer, but it’s on the more expensive side and sometimes I can’t afford both the serum and moisturizer. I actually wrote a post comparing the two here.

With that I am ready for makeup, or ready for bed!! I’m so happy to have found a regimen that works for my skin. Skincare is such a personal topic because everyone’s is so different but I wanted to share. What is your game changer when it comes to skin care?

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Self Doubt

2017 has been the year of self doubt. Where a self confidence and passion once stood, now stands second guessing and the “delete post” button. This year I have trashed  29 posts and 27 have made it onto whatelisabeth.  It’s not a huge difference, but the deleted posts have the majority. I won’t even begin to add up the number of potential Instagram posts that are now deep, DEEP  in my recycle bin. So many assignments that I was so proud that have barely passed and “innovative ” ideas that one trip to google has shown is common mentality. Add that to the insecurities I already have, and it’s not the best situation to be in. 

This isn’t a new issue; not too sure how to start fixing it. Like, there will always be someone or something better, how can I be happy with my work? Wish this was more of a positive post, but it’s been the only thing on my mind lately. If you struggle with this, or have found a middle ground let me know.