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A Classic: What’s in my Bag

I think what’s in my bag videos are as old as YouTube itself. Probably exaggerating, but it is a video a lot of people do. I think it’s so cool that we are all secret nosy enough to watch other people empty their purses and tell us about their personal belongings. I don’t have a fancy bag, or items, but I really wanted to make a ‘What’s in my Bag’ video. I found a LOT of lip products, cleaned out all of the receipts, and had a good time chatting about stuff I like!   Let me know some of the products in your bag and why you like to carry them around, and watch my video pretty please!

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5 Pink Things I LOVE

Hi Lovelies,

Pink is one of my favorite colors, Blush pink is turning into a classic staple, valentine’s day is coming up and this is a list of pink things that I LOVE!


These Asos pants are everything to me. They are pink, can be taken from work to street with a change of shoes, and are so comfy.


Image is from ASOS website 


I will always find a way to get the Mario Badescu Rose Water spray into a post lol. This is the perfect rose water spray! It refreshes, hydrates, and it’s multi use. The bottle says facial spray but in a pinch, I have used it to slick my hair back and refresh my curls!



Garnier Gel Rescue:

This is my favorite moisturizer of all time, I’ve written so many posts like this one and this one singing its praises



Pink dinnerware is real and this set from target is amazing. The price is affordable and most items I get from target are of amazing quality.

Image is from the target Website


The last thing is this “not your baby” dress  from H&M. Yes they have had issues earlier this year, but I still like their clothing. It’s affordable, and the clothes fit me better than Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe.

Image from H&M Website
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Travel Essentials

Traveling with friends is always a fun thing to do. Cheap travels ( if possible), a cool destination, great memories, and tons and tons  of pictures!! Question is, what do you bring with you on the traveling part of the journey? My trip is Wednesday and I finally got a good list of things to keep me entertained.

Camera: For some people, It can be a fancy dslr, it could be that Polaroid you thrifted not too long ago, it could be your phone. Story is that I need a camera, those pictures and the  memories they bring with them, will last for forever and it’ll be great to stick in a scrap-book, or frame around my house (room.)

300 writing prompts:I like to write, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with inspiration. I got this notebook in Books A Million the other day. It has 300 different topics to write about. I also have a separate notebook in case the inspiration really takes hold.

Books: Because I am me, and I also want to use as little data as possible, I’m bringing two books with me. Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg: From reading the first girl online book, I’m going to assume that it’s another easy read and  I’ll finish it before we get to where we are going. I got This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab for my birthday and I am SO EXCITED to read.

Headphones:  Headphones are essential for anything travel related. Weather going international or making the long trip from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Essential Oils: I like to take a more natural route when it comes to dealing with my anxiety. The chamomile and lavender oils help calm and soothe in a stressful situation.

Facial Spray: Because no one smells good or feels good after being cooped up in a car for hours.

So yes, I’m going  on a trip to go see 5 seconds of summer tomorrow!! I’m super excited! I’ve been trying to see them for YEARS, and the day has finally arrived. I’m traveling to Jacksonville Florida with a few friends, because it’s always better as a group.

Are you traveling soon? What are your essentials?

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19 Things I Learned at 19

  1. There is nothing wrong with asking for help
  2. Even though life feels like a race, it isn’t
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others so much (still working on this one)
  4. Leaving the house is half the battle
  5. If you never ask, the answer will always be no
  6. Do your school work so you don’t feel bad about it later
  7. It’s okay if you still don’t know what to do with your life, you’re 19
  8. Spontaneity looks good on you
  9. Words and how they are delivered are everything
  10. Your attitude towards situations sets up your experience
  11. People aren’t watching you as much as you think
  12. Love is love is love is love is love
  13. Hamilton is great, 10/10 would recommend
  14. Having friends outside of school is hard, but so so so worth it
  15. VOTE
  16. Your mental illness is real and valid
  17. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all
  18. Fear isn’t going to prevent what you don’t want to happen from happening (work in progress)
  19. You don’t have to tell everyone every detail of everything everyday

July 14th, 2016 I turn 20. twenty. XX. years old. Two whole decades, 20 revolutions around the sun. To me this is monumental because in that time, I have graduated high school, made it halfway through college (sort of), learned to drive, figured out how to make friends, learn how to be a decent human being (I hope) etc… It’s been great!  I want this age to be the age where I start making memories to tell my kids about. Cliche as it sounds, I want to fall in love, or at least catch someone’s eye. I want to get lost on purpose, not freak out and traveling would be nice too. An enormous list I know, but I’ve got 365 days to do as much as possible. If I don’t get to it, well, there’s always 21,22,23,24 etc.. you get the point

So here’s to the last post I write being 19,turning 20, and everything that will come along with it. I’m ready for you this time.


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Summer Beauty Favorites

It’s been few weeks into the actual summer season and I have beauty favorites!!!

Urban Decay Deslick setting spray : switching to a bb cream for summer without this was once impossible because I get oily QUICK.

Maybelline dream BB fresh:Coverage. Lightweight. SPF 30 . Need I say more? 

L.A. Girl pro conceal: There will never be a time where this won’t be included in a favorites

Becca highlighters in Opal and Moonstone : highlighter is everything right now and because these are so beautiful , I’ll risk getting extremely oily for the day if I get 2 hours of these looking incredible

Nars Isolde eyeshadow: I feel like these will be great  for anytime of year for me

I don’t have specific lip favorite because I haven’t tried anything new. These will carry me straight through fall because Florida never cools down. What are some of your summer favorites?


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My Makeup Dream Come True

Story time: Sophomore year of college has ended and I passes all of my classes! Why must I share this bit of information you ask? Well, this is a blog, but I know that I one day I’ll look back at these so it’s a diary too! The second reason?  It’s how I justified this cheeky purchase.

The Nars eye shadow duo in Isolde. I’ve wanted this item since I read Zoe Sugg’s blog post . Being 15/16 years old and not a wearer of makeup, I wasn’t about to ask my parents to  spend a load of money on 2 eye shadows. Fast forward almost 4 years and I’m in Sephora checking out  (w. my hard earned money) with my first Nars product!

I have to be honest, if for one second I had a complaint or something I didn’t like, it was going back to Sephora. It was too expensive to keep if I wasn’t going to use it. Luckily, I loved the application. They are smooth,buttery, they look incredible, and they last such a long time. I’ve never had people complement my makeup before I used this, and I felt like quite the princess. By the end of the day, my eye shadow looked as good if not BETTER as when I first applied it. I can’t say that for the rest of my makeup.   Isolde is beautiful, it has a burnt orange and a deep copper eye shadow that look beautiful together and on their own. I may have to invest in more of these, but for right now I’m going to enjoy my short summer and my wonderful new discovery

Have you treated yourself lately? Let me know what it was!


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Rediscovering Revlon Lip Butters!

Not exactly a book related post but, if you watch YouTube, (specifically beauty gurus) do you remember in 2012 when everyone and their mama had the Revlon Lip Butters in every shade? These were the best tinted lip balms ever to be created. They were affordable, comfortable, and came in every color imaginable. Well, I was walking through target and stopped by the Revlon (which is really rare. I don’t dislike Revlon, I just tend to forget about it oooopppps.) and in some obscure little corner were the lip butters!  

 The same packaging and everything but the shade range was cut down drastically . Instead of 20+ shades there are now about 11.( I guess my target had some left over and had a few extra shades the website promotes 11)  I got three staples that I will be using more than my traditional lipsticks because spring summer aren’t ideal conditions for heavy lip products in Florida . Maybe I’ll use them under liquid lipsticks WHO KNOWS???? 

Top to bottom I got l: candy apple (warm red), berry smoothie ( everyday pink), and juicy papaya ( peachy color) 


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Strawberry Picking 2016 

The first day of spring break I went strawberry picking with my family!

This was the first year we went picking because we didn’t know that it was a thing until mom’s friend from work suggested it.

Besides it being FREEZING, (that’s about 54 degrees in Florida in MARCH) it was a lot of fun. So many beautiful pictures and it’s always amazing to spend time with my mom and sister. We all are so busy it is nice to do something with them for a fantastic change.

My mom won best picture of the day for sure, look HOW CUTE SHE IS!!

I wanted to do an outfit post but my h&m sweater covered most of it. I wore a pacsun flannel, forever 21 jeans, and converse!

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Book & Movie: Brooklyn

Brooklyn was one of my favorite movies of 2015.

I was shocked to learn that it was a book before a movie because usually, I am pretty aware of things like that. Anyways, I think it is an accurate portrayal of what it’s like when moving from one country to another. I personally have no experience with that , but my mom does. She came to New York around the same age as Eilis (main character). I have so much more respect for anyone who does make a move that big. So many simple things that we think are normal in our culture can be mind blowing for another.


Quick summary: Eilis Lacey doesn’t have much going for her in Ireland. All the jobs are taken, she’s studying but that doesn’t help much, and no boyfriend for the foreseeable future. She was thinking of heading to England for work like her brothers when an opportunity to go live in Brooklyn New York comes up. She deals with adjusting to american culture, and it makes her really home sick until she meets Tony. He isn’t her saving grace, but he helps her feel connected to life in the states and starts to enjoy it. Tragedy strikes and Eilis heads back to Ireland where more shenanigans  happen and you think she won’t go back to Tony and Brooklyn, but you have to read the rest to find out.

Loves: I do really enjoy that while she does have a boyfriend, it’s not the only thing making her happy enough to  start liking New York. She goes to school, has a job, and she’s making friends. Tony was the missing piece of the puzzle. Tony isn’t the cliche knight in shinning armor either. He is  a normal guy, that cares a lot about Eilis and wants to build a life with her. That’s also something I love, most everyone and most situations are normal. The personalities are not too exaggerated and over the top to distinguish characters. The situations Eilis goes through aren’t other worldly it’s really relateable. That’s how it came off to me, other people I know that have read it, and my mom as well. It’s refreshing to read a book like that now and then.

Not love: The book is separated into parts instead of chapters, and they are on the longer side. I like reading one chapter/part a session and I couldn’t do that. Getting to the main point of the part was a struggle. It can get boring in a few spots, but again there isn’t anything super exaggerated in the book so it tends to happen.

How does it compare to the movie : The book goes into a lot more depth into the background of the characters. Family and friends are all involved and the movie doesn’t do that. I think the book is better, but the movie is visually STUNNING and still worth watching.

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The Coloring Book Obsession 





This has made a shocking comeback, coloring. Yes the ultimate childhood favorite has returned and this time children aren’t the only ones taking advantage of it. The coloring books that are made for adults are so freaking cool, and we have many more options too. My too favorites are a “Fashion Design” and a romantic castles . I have others that are basic floral print, I use them more when I need to calm down, but the other two is where I like to get creative with color schemes. I even like to add in my own little drawings and designs to them. It’s so perfect for those of us who can’t draw. I am in the mood to go get the game of thrones coloring books, because it’s awesome. There are some added benefits too. I remember being a kid and a teacher made me sit and color every single day. I had to color neatly as well because it apparently helps with handwriting? I know hand writing isn’t a huge deal anymore with all of this technology (It really should because hand written letters are adorable),  but it helps justify the amount of time I dedicated to coloring. I love to color at night right before bed. It helps me disconnect from all the screens and oddly enough I sleep better