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Bullet Journal: 3 month update

In June, I started a bullet journal. It was daunting because making my own 95% customized planner is overwhelming. I had worries about finding the time to keep setting up spreads, if I actually needed a dotted notebook, if I actually needed to pay $20 for a fancy notebook I may not use  more than 5 pages of, and if it would honestly help me manage my time better. Of course, I spent weeks watching bujo (Bullet journal) videos on YouTube for inspiration. They were all beautiful and creative.  It made me wonder; how do I keep up?  I’m breaking this post into the three months and what my experience was like in each


By then, bullet journalling had taken off and brands were already making affordable alternatives to the famous notebook that most people love. I got this one for $12, and I’ve found some for even less! I also got a giant pack of colored pens and let myself go wild with the colors for the first month. Getting that out of my system was important; I was full of ideas. I basically played around with my options for most of June. Even with the rainbow throw up, it did help me keep on track with my summer classes and social activities.


I grew sick of colors lol.

I picked a space theme and stuck to an all black and pen spread. This month I had an idea of what worked for me, and kept refining my “style”. I knew I needed a monthly overview, a page for quotes, and depending on how busy I was, I flipped back and forth between weekly and daily spreads. Summer classes were winding down, so there was a lot more free time than usual. To do lists were needed more than structured spreads and I enjoyed that how it can be changed up that easily! This month was where I learned that all of these fancy colorful, artistic spreads weren’t necessary.


August was where I truly fell in love with the Bujo system. I knew what I liked and what was useful. I picked a lavender theme, because purple, and it was cute but not overwhelming. I also made a weekly to-do list with a small space for specific events and appointments. That kind of weekly spread turned out to be really useful with no classes and tons of free time after work. I also dedicated a spread to the weekends. I experimented with a fitness spread, but that didn’t carry over into this month (Sept).

I used to think that people who kept up with these planners were heros/aliens from planet organization. This system is really easy to keep up with. Just a little time and you’ve got yourself a cute system that also helps you keep up with life! I’ll do another update soon, it’s turned into a real passion!

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Travel Essentials

Traveling with friends is always a fun thing to do. Cheap travels ( if possible), a cool destination, great memories, and tons and tons  of pictures!! Question is, what do you bring with you on the traveling part of the journey? My trip is Wednesday and I finally got a good list of things to keep me entertained.

Camera: For some people, It can be a fancy dslr, it could be that Polaroid you thrifted not too long ago, it could be your phone. Story is that I need a camera, those pictures and the  memories they bring with them, will last for forever and it’ll be great to stick in a scrap-book, or frame around my house (room.)

300 writing prompts:I like to write, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with inspiration. I got this notebook in Books A Million the other day. It has 300 different topics to write about. I also have a separate notebook in case the inspiration really takes hold.

Books: Because I am me, and I also want to use as little data as possible, I’m bringing two books with me. Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg: From reading the first girl online book, I’m going to assume that it’s another easy read and  I’ll finish it before we get to where we are going. I got This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab for my birthday and I am SO EXCITED to read.

Headphones:  Headphones are essential for anything travel related. Weather going international or making the long trip from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Essential Oils: I like to take a more natural route when it comes to dealing with my anxiety. The chamomile and lavender oils help calm and soothe in a stressful situation.

Facial Spray: Because no one smells good or feels good after being cooped up in a car for hours.

So yes, I’m going  on a trip to go see 5 seconds of summer tomorrow!! I’m super excited! I’ve been trying to see them for YEARS, and the day has finally arrived. I’m traveling to Jacksonville Florida with a few friends, because it’s always better as a group.

Are you traveling soon? What are your essentials?