Skincare Routine for my 20s

Hi lovelies!!

Setting up a skin care routine has been a little difficult in my early 20s. Most of the people in life are telling me to wait because I’m so young and there’s still so much time. By starting a routine now, it’ll be easier to add more later on in life and I will already have tried-and-true basics to go to when my skin gets problematic. I have to wash my face because of makeup and hygiene, but I wanted a little more than just moisturizer and the Sunday face mask. My routine, after washing my face, is 3 steps so there’s no real excuse to not do it. That is key because I live to make excuses to get in bed faster! It also doesn’t change from day to night. It’s the same so I barely have to think about it. Right now that works really well.

After washing and drying my face I either brush my teeth for bed or am getting dressed for work or school. I need to dampen my face a little so I use a facial spray. My current favorites are the Mario badescu rose water spray or the Urban Decay quick fix. It’s easy and adds a boost of hydration.

This is the game changing step: SERUM. My skin changed SO MUCH when I started using a serum. I got a little freebie of the Bare Minerals skin longevity serum at Sephora. It made my face feel so nice, soft, and hydrated that I bought a full size and never looked back! What ever is in this bottle is doing amazing things and I feel like I’m going my skin every favor.

To seal in this layer of goodness, I moisturize using the Garnier Moisture Rescue . Oh my GOODNESS I love this moisturizer. I have oily skin, so I feel like it does the job without being greasy. It’s also a neat little dupe for the Clinique moisture surge which is another AMAZING moisturizer, but it’s on the more expensive side and sometimes I can’t afford both the serum and moisturizer. I actually wrote a post comparing the two here.

With that I am ready for makeup, or ready for bed!! I’m so happy to have found a regimen that works for my skin. Skincare is such a personal topic because everyone’s is so different but I wanted to share. What is your game changer when it comes to skin care?


4 thoughts on “ Skincare Routine for my 20s

  1. It really never is too early to begin setting up a skincare routine so it’s good you have one going, no matter what it is. My routine is quite the bit more complicated but I like how calming it is and the process helps me get ready for bed. X

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