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Something Other than Books

I want to start a series about the articles and magazines I read in my down time. I realize that I read so much more than just books, and they deserve their moment too. They’ll be more frequent than regular books reviews, with varying content depending on what I read.

Vogue Feb 2017

SINGLED Out: This turned out to be one of the favorite blurbs that I read from this month’s Vogue. The short interview with Gideon Glick is about the new Joshua Harmon play ” Significant Other”.  Glick plays a man who sees his closest friends start to get married and he has a hard time with love and such things. In the article, Glick talks about his character’s “Obsessive parsing of social media in pursuit of romance.” It captures how romance is changing in today’s society. I liked how relateable the play seems and I would love the chance to go see it (slim chances).

Full Exposure: This article is about Fifty Shades actress Dakota Johnson. It tells a short recap of her past, and then she talks about roles she likes taking on, and the type of films she likes to be a part of. I LOVE articles where you can see what the actor being interviewed is really like. We get too caught up in their amazing portrayals on screen, that we forget how different the actor is from their characters.



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Atheltic at Disney

Disney World means it’s going to be a good day! A few friends, my sister, and I had passes so we made a date out of it. Staying true to my favorite color palette, I wore all black.

My top is HM, my bomber jacket is from Forever 21 (Similar here and here) , leggings are from Walmart, my sneakers are vans, and my lip is the Smashbox always on liquid lip in ‘bawse‘. The necklace is from Sparkle Designs.  I am planning a post about these necklaces so stay tuned!!!

I was going for the whole athlesiure look. I don’t know how well I did, but I liked it and was comfortable all day. It was hot but thankfully it’s also February. That means once the sun goes down so does the temperature which made completing this outfit possible!

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Saturday Sales 2/18/2017

This week’s sales areinsane. President’s day is on Monday and there are so many sales, it took multiple sheets of paper to get them all down! (I also have big hand writing) Most of the sales end Monday, so enjoy your long weekend!! I’m spending it at Disney World! Besides shopping, how are you spending yours?


  • 40% off STORE WIDE

Old Nay 


  • T-shirts start at $7
  • jeans start at $15
  • active is 50% off with prices starting at $8
  • dresses start at $19


  • t-shirts start at $5
  • jeans start at $12
  • active is also 50% off with prices starting at $7
  • dresses start at $8


  • Sales starting at $5 going upto 70% off
  • free standard shipping with code:  7779



  • Buy 2 get one free off of Family games, movies, and books
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories are 15% off ONLINE
  • furniture and patio that are already 30% off get an extra 10% with code: PRESIDENT

Victoria’s Secret

  • Free bralette with a body by Victoria bra purchase with code: FREEBRALETTE

American Eagle

  • All jeans buy one get one %50 off
  • the AEO collection is buy one get one 50% off
  • Also with the AEO collection the code MOREWKND
  • $30 off of 125
  • $25 off of $100
  • $10 off of $50
  • 60% off of clearance


  • $20 bikini tops and bottoms

Pac Sun:

  • denim is buy one get one 50% off
  • Me to We is buy one get one 50%
  • Men’s t-shirts are  buy 2 for $32
  • also there’s a 20% off code : NEW2020



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My 5 Favorite Fictional Boyfriends

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I saw Regan on booktube do this video a few days ago! Since I’m single again this year *sarcastic gasp*, I spent my Valentine’s day rounding up my favorite boys from the books I’ve read.

Tony (Brooklyn) – Good lord if I had a boyfriend like him, I’d die. He’s so sweet and understanding to the situations Eilish goes through. I also love how he doesn’t stop until he gets his girl, but he’s not too pushy about it. Great kid, I love him.


Park (Eleanor and Park)- Here’s another boy that is lovable from the start. Park really falls in love with Eleanor, and when you read about everything he does to try and help her out. It’s. heart. breaking. Especially with the ending of the book.


Kaz (Six of Crows)- Okay so maybe  Kaz and Inej didn’t become a couple in Six of Crows, but he loves her dammit. Spoiler alert! Someone tries to kill Inej and Kaz rips out the dude’s eyeball before throwing him overboard into the icy sea. If that isn’t love, I don’t want any part of it.



Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)- I’ve never seen a man act so fast after the girl of his dreams tells him to act right. This list isn’t in any particular order, but if it was, he’d be at the very tip top of it.




Cal (Red Queen series)- Good lord Cal and Mare are one problematic couple, but I still love Cal with all my heart and soul. He’s a sweetheart underneath the tough, exiled prince exterior. He loves Mare and I cannot wait to read King’s Cage to see how their relationship unfolds.



Tell me your top 5 in the comments!

*pictures for pride and prejudice and red queen were found on google, I don’t own them. I needed them bc the library I work at had them checked out*

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Saturday Sales

Who doesn’t love lazily roaming the internet for sales on a Saturday?

Forever 21

Forever 21 has a few sales going on this weekend! Most dresses are 20% off, select items are 30% off (online only for Valentine’s day), and their outlet section has a variety of  styles for 70% OFF!

Barnes and Noble

With the code BNHEART17, your entire order gets a 10% off through Valentine’s day ( 2/14/17). Their clearance section has books and items for up to 75% off!

Books a Million 

Coloring books are Buy one Get one 50%, DVD and Blu-Rays are up to 30% off, and select graphic novels are buy 2 get the 3rd free!

Charlotte Russe

This may be the sale of the weekend. Online and instore, all jeans are $20! All tees start at $12, all jackets are $25. Online only, shoes start at $15 and finally all dresses are $25 or less!

Happy Shopping!

*pictures from google*

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

It has been about 8 months since I started using the NYX micro brow pencil. I enjoyed having the sparse areas filled in but I was not in love with the pencil.  The darkest color was too dark but the shade below it was too brown. I thought I would enjoy the super fine tip but it took too long to fill in a few bald spots and the arch. Anastasia Beverly Hills was the next step for me because:  1.) Everyone and their mama has  given them pretty stellar reviews, and 2.) They are more affordable than Benefit’s eyebrow products.


So what I got:

I went for the Brow Definer in Ebony.

What I liked:

From the first swatch at Ulta, I already liked the color match. The color was dark with a brownish tinge to it.  The triangle shaped nib made everything go a lot quicker and she made it easier to define my (nonexistent) arches! The brush the definer comes with is bigger than the micro brow pencil. It made brushing hairs into place is a lot easier for me. I do enjoy the longevity of the brow definer. It lasted a total of 6 hours.


*I just noticed that on camera there is literally no difference between my filled brows and my naked brows. I don’t have good comparison pictures but TRUST me its a good product.* 


Before ABH
After ABH


What I didn’t like:

There are some concerns like: The pencil will inevitably lose its shape with use. Will I still be able to get  the definition I am getting now? How long the pencil will last me is another concern.This isn’t a cheap product and there isn’t a lot of it ( .007 oz. ).

Overall: I am in LOVE with the Brow Definer. I will try to get the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil to compare!

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Happy Birthday ❤ 

One year ago, I was in a Starbucks with one of my bestest friends. She cheered me on as made  this wonderful little website of magical beauty. I was 19 and wanted to try this out to see what happened. Fast forward to today and I’m sitting in the same Starbucks, with the same friend, but this time, I’m blowing out a candle!!  I know I’m not the most consistent blogger, but I can’t put into words how much joy this experience has brought me. Talking about my favortie things in the world and being un-apologetically passionate