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Best of Beauty 2016

This was a different year for beauty products. By now, I’m bursting at the seams with a long list of products that have wowed me in the last year. I don’t this year. I have found my holy grail favorites in many categories. That means that I haven’t been adventurous with makeup, but it’s going to change! I tried to have something for most categories, but this is what I  have genuinely loved last year.

So onto what you’re really here for the Favorites!!

La Girl Pro Conceal in Fawn: No joke I have 4 back up tubes of this magical cream. This concealer is the only one that will stay put without creasing or getting oily. My only issue is the thickness, but for the results, I got over it. The only other concealer that am willing to try at this point is the Tarte Shape  Tape concealer.


Benefit Roller Lash: This mascara was the most recent addition to my favorites. I did not think that there was a mascara that could replace my beloved Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant, but here we are. I love the lift it gives my lashes (something I did not know I needed until I tried Roller Lash). I also love that I can use it for everyday and special occasions. *Money saving Tip: I go for the mini tube it’s $12 versus the $23 full size*


NYX MICRO Eyebrow Pencil: Here’s another thing I didn’t know I needed until I tried it. I finally gave into the hype and started filling in my eyebrows a little.  I have really thick and dark eyebrows already, so pomades and powders are overkill. A pencil is the sweet spot that take my brows from “Eh” to “Wow”.


Liquid Lipstick: As someone with a lot of texture on her lips, I am extremely picky about  liquid lipsticks. I only have a handle full right now, and I’m thinking about getting a Kylie Cosmestics lip kit, it’ll probably be my last endeavor into this category.


NYX lip suedes: My favorite formula! so comfy, doesn’t exaggerate my lines and texture, affordable, huge range of colors. Don’t sleep on this product.


Anastasia Beverly Hills LL in Ashton: My perfect everyday nude. It’s not my favorite formula, but I can make it work.


Smashbox always on Liquid Lip in BAWSE: My second favorite only because of the price tag. This LL is weightless, I always forget I have on until I look in a mirror and have bright red lips. I love the Superwoman collaboration because this is a red for us brown girls out there. Lily is also one of my favorite Youtubers so I wasn’t not going to get it.


Garnier gel rescue: This is the moisturizer I wrote about in my “A Dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge” post. I am so glad that I found this little gem at the drugstore. If you have oily skin I HIGHLY recommend that you give this a shot. Go for the pink bottle. It says for dry skin, I know, but the green one doesn’t moisturize as well as the pink.


Becca Highlight in Rose Gold:

I think everyone needs a highlight that gives a nice “glowing from within look”. Having highlight that can be picked up from space is awesome, but sometimes less is more. The Becca rose gold highlight does that for me. It gives me this healthy glow that goes with super natural looks. It’s the highlight I use on an everyday basis.



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