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The Door of “Art”

dsc02318I consider myself to be a pretty creative person. I’d  spend my time doing creative things rather than …..anything else at this point. I try to keep a few creative projects going to keep the creative side of me running. If I don’t it burns out and it’s really annoying having to force myself to write  paint, or read just to get my brain going again.  Lately the obsession has been water color painting. I’ve been painting for a few months on and off and I feel like I’m getting better at it. I love water color because there is so much room for playing around and messing around. If I mess up, there’s less pressure (I guess that seems to be the word that fits).

Long backstory to say that I took down my Niall Horan poster, that has been on my door since I was about 15, to make room for the paintings and book quotes that I love. It was time for the poster to come down, but fear not, there is still One Direction stuff in my room. So far I only have 4 paintings. I still have to put the quotes on pretty paper and stick it up. I’ll try to update the door of art once a month.



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