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The Winter Skirt

Call me crazy, but I wasn’t going to leave New York without trying to wear a skirt in the dead of winter. I wanted to see if I could go the whole day wearing one.  When the night fell and the wind picked up, I was too uncomfortable and went back to the hotel to change. During the day it was fine, and I looked cute! I paired the skirt with tights because I am not THAT crazy, a shirt, and sweater to balance everything out.

This was my favorite outfit of the week. I wish that the sweater and the shirt had similar neck styles, so I didn’t look like a weirdo, but I was warm which is all that matters.

Skirt: Charlottle Russe

Shirt: Jordan Dene

Sweater: Old Navy

Tights: Walmart

Boots: Xappeal

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Have Books, Will Travel

This week I will be having the time of my life at Broadway Con in New York City. In between all of the excitement and fun, I will also try to get some reading done. It would be smart to get a few eBooks with me to go, but I always need to have a physical book with me. I’m going to be taking 3 books with me to fill up space so I don’t bring back books, and also to have some variety.


I like to take a poetry book with me because it’s easy to stop and start. The poems in this books are short and sweet. I have read this one before but the message hasn’t really sunk in yet, so I’m giving it another go! They are poems about women, being a woman and everything that comes with it.


Of course I’m going to take a play with me. I got this gem from the library (thank god for withdrawals).  In Williams’s most recognized plays every character is dealing with an inner struggle. At a party for one of the characters everything comes out into the open and the family is forced to deal with their demons.


Out of all the YouTuber books that have been published, Connor Franta’s “A Work In Progress” is my absolute favorite. I just love this book to pieces and it’s coming with me. Yes it’s a memoir, yes he’s young. I love how he acknowledges this fact in the book. He also knows how to use the intelligence he has. It’s a weird sentence, but I know incredibly smart people that have not a clue how to use their smarts.  Connor Franta is not one of these people.

Do you take books to travel?

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The Foundation Struggle

There is a problem that has plagued me since I got into personal style and makeup. It’s something that exercise, diet, or exfoliation has been able to fix. I am ALWAYS in between either two sizes of clothing, or two shades of foundation. Today (or when ever you read this post) I will complain about finding a foundation, because I spent almost two hours at the MAC counter trying to match myself to a foundation.


The hero of the day was the lovely makeup artist that didn’t give up until we found something that worked for me. Her passion was palpable, and she really knew what she was doing.  When it comes to my skin, I am mostly yellow based, or warm toned, but I also have enough of a red base (cool tone) to make finding a good match a mission. The Estee Lauder double wear foundation had the closest match for me. Just the foundation itself worked for a few years, but it was never a spot on match. The hefty $40 price tag that came along with it was the main reason to leave my comfort zone and start my journey with foundation over again.





What I now know, is that I will always have to pair a yellow based foundation to a neutral powder.  I went with the studio fix liquid foundation in NC44 and the powder from the same line in C6. The part that I didn’t like was paying more than I originally wanted to, but for a little more I was able to get two products. I know that I won’t run out of both at the same time, so there is some wiggle room. If you have this issue like I do, go ahead and get yourself to a makeup counter. You may not be happy with the price tag, but it’ll be worth it.

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Annotating Made Simple

Let’s talk about annotating (on purpose)

Annotating is a fancy word for taking notes when you read something. It can be done with books, articles, editorials, plays, etc.. I was first introduced to annotating in an AP literature class in high school. Being 17 and in a 4 year reading slump, I didn’t like it. Now, I love doing it. Annotating  keeps my thoughts from disappearing and I can explain my opinions. 

If you want to try it, here’s how this works:

  • Grab a pen, your reading material, a pad of sticky notes
  • when ever you feel something, read something interesting, and/or want to remember something,  write it down and stick it on the page 

If you’re annotating for school, look for what is being asked ( Information, grammar, terminology, facts to beef up essays etc.) You could also write in the margins of the book. I get a lot of my books from the library, and  like the space that a sticky note offers, so I prefer to not write in the book. 
You can now go back and see your reading journey through sticky notes. Let me know if you’ve tried annotating or have tips of your own! 

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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

It’s always exciting whenever Too Faced release a new palette, especially a scented palette. Putting aside the scented factor, the shadows are really great quality and the price is right when you do the math. The big scented palettes run about $49, and $52 after taxes are added. Divide that number by the number of shadows in each palette (usually 16-18),it costs $2.88-$3.25 per eye shadow. That’s less than most single eye shadows at the drugstore! Now add back the fact that they smell incredible!! It’s no surprise that there is always a ton of hype around these palettes. The Semi-Sweet chocolate bar is my holy grail. I wear it most everyday, and it’s my base product when I am testing out new eye shadows (this review included).

Lovely Packaging

Too Faced brought back their peach scented eye shadow palette along with other peach scented products in their latest collection. I wasn’t expecting to find a supply at my local Ulta because it was sold out online, and the makeup lovers in my town are sneaky but vicious. I picked one up as soon as I saw the display. Here are my thoughts,

What I liked:

  • The scent duh! It reminds me of a babydoll I had when I was little. There was a whole collection of fruit smelling babies and the one with my skin toned smelled like peaches. That sweet artificial peach scent brought me right back to being 4.
  • The shimmery shades are unlike anything I’ve ever seen from Too Faced before. Creamy, buttery, little fall out, and so pigmented *swoons*
  • They included an olive green shade, called “Bless Her Heart”, and it is my favorite shade out of the entire palette. Cosmetic brands rarely bring out green eye shadow it’s refreshing to see TF take this leap.
  • The sheer black shade (Tempting) included in the palette was a smart move. Having a sheer, yet buildable black is great when creating smoky looks. You can add a little bit at a time to create that smoky effect.
  • You can use the lighter shimmers as stunning highlights


Sweet Peach Tin


What I didn’t like:

There are 2 things that really didn’t sit well with me. The matte shadows in the palette are all over the place with consistencies. There are some like “Peaches ‘n Cream” , “Puree”, and “Charmed I’m Sure” that are really nice, a little powdery, but it’s nothing to worry over. The other mattes though? Patchy and chalky. This is really disappointing to see TF drop the ball like this. All of the other palettes are so well rounded when it comes to  shimmers and mattes. I don’t see why the same attention couldn’t be paid to this one. I understand the makeup industry is wrapped up in the highlight game right now, and if that was the case, why not make a palette of shimmers and satins? The other thing I didn’t like was how bad the really dark shades, “Delectable” and “Talk Derby to Me”, were. Maybe it was my luck to get a dud palette. I don’t use really dark colors too often, so this isn’t a deal breaker for me but if you love your smoky, dark, sultry eyes, this is something to consider.

A look inside
Lightest Shades
Mid tones to Darks

So do I love this?

Kind of!

5 good things versus 2 not so good things. The Sweet Peach won’t overthrow my Semi-Sweet chocolate bar, but it is no where near a bad palette. If you don’t already own a Too Faced eye palette, and/or are a collector of the scented palettes,  I think you’ll enjoy this one. If you do have this palette, did you have better luck? Let me know!!


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Best Books of 2016

So many books

so many favorites

Out of the 22 books I read last year, a few stuck out in my memory and I had to talk about them. This time, I actually TALK about them in my first video on YOUTUBE!!!!!! I’m making strides towards my goals for this year and youtube something I wanted to try for a looooooong time! So sit back, relax and enjoy! Book Favorites 2017  !!!

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What Elisabeth Loves (New Year New Name)

What going on?!

Okay so, I started this blog  almost a year ago now. Originally I used the name What Elisabeth Is, to not stick myself in a niche that wouldn’t be able to grow with me the longer I stuck with it. While I still love the name What Elisabeth is, it’s a little confusing to type, read, and it didn’t flow together (this is what my family has been telling me since I started last February and I finally agree).  I made the decision to change one word in the name from “is”, to “love”. All of my posts are still up, and the content will still focus on the three things I love the most beauty, books, and personal style.

Thanks for reading!

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Best of Beauty 2016

This was a different year for beauty products. By now, I’m bursting at the seams with a long list of products that have wowed me in the last year. I don’t this year. I have found my holy grail favorites in many categories. That means that I haven’t been adventurous with makeup, but it’s going to change! I tried to have something for most categories, but this is what I  have genuinely loved last year.

So onto what you’re really here for the Favorites!!

La Girl Pro Conceal in Fawn: No joke I have 4 back up tubes of this magical cream. This concealer is the only one that will stay put without creasing or getting oily. My only issue is the thickness, but for the results, I got over it. The only other concealer that am willing to try at this point is the Tarte Shape  Tape concealer.


Benefit Roller Lash: This mascara was the most recent addition to my favorites. I did not think that there was a mascara that could replace my beloved Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant, but here we are. I love the lift it gives my lashes (something I did not know I needed until I tried Roller Lash). I also love that I can use it for everyday and special occasions. *Money saving Tip: I go for the mini tube it’s $12 versus the $23 full size*


NYX MICRO Eyebrow Pencil: Here’s another thing I didn’t know I needed until I tried it. I finally gave into the hype and started filling in my eyebrows a little.  I have really thick and dark eyebrows already, so pomades and powders are overkill. A pencil is the sweet spot that take my brows from “Eh” to “Wow”.


Liquid Lipstick: As someone with a lot of texture on her lips, I am extremely picky about  liquid lipsticks. I only have a handle full right now, and I’m thinking about getting a Kylie Cosmestics lip kit, it’ll probably be my last endeavor into this category.


NYX lip suedes: My favorite formula! so comfy, doesn’t exaggerate my lines and texture, affordable, huge range of colors. Don’t sleep on this product.


Anastasia Beverly Hills LL in Ashton: My perfect everyday nude. It’s not my favorite formula, but I can make it work.


Smashbox always on Liquid Lip in BAWSE: My second favorite only because of the price tag. This LL is weightless, I always forget I have on until I look in a mirror and have bright red lips. I love the Superwoman collaboration because this is a red for us brown girls out there. Lily is also one of my favorite Youtubers so I wasn’t not going to get it.


Garnier gel rescue: This is the moisturizer I wrote about in my “A Dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge” post. I am so glad that I found this little gem at the drugstore. If you have oily skin I HIGHLY recommend that you give this a shot. Go for the pink bottle. It says for dry skin, I know, but the green one doesn’t moisturize as well as the pink.


Becca Highlight in Rose Gold:

I think everyone needs a highlight that gives a nice “glowing from within look”. Having highlight that can be picked up from space is awesome, but sometimes less is more. The Becca rose gold highlight does that for me. It gives me this healthy glow that goes with super natural looks. It’s the highlight I use on an everyday basis.

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The Door of “Art”

dsc02318I consider myself to be a pretty creative person. I’d  spend my time doing creative things rather than …..anything else at this point. I try to keep a few creative projects going to keep the creative side of me running. If I don’t it burns out and it’s really annoying having to force myself to write  paint, or read just to get my brain going again.  Lately the obsession has been water color painting. I’ve been painting for a few months on and off and I feel like I’m getting better at it. I love water color because there is so much room for playing around and messing around. If I mess up, there’s less pressure (I guess that seems to be the word that fits).

Long backstory to say that I took down my Niall Horan poster, that has been on my door since I was about 15, to make room for the paintings and book quotes that I love. It was time for the poster to come down, but fear not, there is still One Direction stuff in my room. So far I only have 4 paintings. I still have to put the quotes on pretty paper and stick it up. I’ll try to update the door of art once a month.

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Bookmarks from Holiday Cards!

It’s January, which means I have no clue what to do with all of the lovely cards people have sent my family and I. This year I turned them into bookmarks! It is such a simple DIY that barely takes time to do. I love this idea because you can enjoy your cards for a lot longer, it’s free, and of course you end up with bookmarks.



All you need are:

Your cards

a pair of scissors


What to do:

Take the card and find the seam (the crease/the bend/ the middle, you know what I mean. You’re smart). Then cut along the seam to separate the decorated part from the back. You know have a bookmark! You can keep the decorated part, and the written message. I kept the decorated side of my cards because the one’s I picked to cut up have no personally written messages.


If you try this out share it with me I’d love to see your new bookmarks!