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Thoughts on This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 

Sunai Sunai eyes like coal, sing you a song and steal your soul. I read this savage song by victoria schwab and I have opinions. Trying really hard to not spoil the book for anyone. 

This is a world where  humans are in constant danger of the monsters they have created. Each monster is “born” through some act of evil. Malachi and Corsai are the most common, but the Sunai are born from really really bad events. These monsters and how they’re controlled, are what ultimately is destroying Verity City . THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT TSS. In every page,  you can feel this anxious, gloomy aura that sets the entire book. Towards the end some of the gloom is lifted, but not completely. (There is an entire book left for that to happen) It did take me a little while to get sucked into the story, and it was all worth it. There was no romance between the two protagonists Kate and August. This always refreshing that two characters, male and female are able to have a friendship, kick major booty, and be able to survive several beings trying to kill them. I really enjoyed that August, the monster, is the one that comes from a “stable” home. He has a family that will love him to the ends of the earth. It really humanizes  him and I understand a little more why he wants to be “normal”. Kate, the human, doesn’t have the same luck. She longs for a family and sadly still didn’t have one by the end of the book. I still saw Kate for what she is, a scared sad teenager that wants to have something normal as well. They both have that connection even if they don’t admit it to each other. 

I know that Sony has optioned This Savage Song for a movie, and it’s incredibly exciting! I want to see these characters and this story come to life. I am also fearful of what Sony could do to it. Will this be another Percy Jackson situation?? God I hope not!! I have faith hat this story will be done justice and I will pay my $9 to see it one day.  



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