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Alex and Ani 

If you know me personally, then you’ll know  jewelry isn’t something I wear a lot of. I rarely pick my outfits before bed, and during the mad dash to get out the door, jewelry is sacrificed to breakfast and being on time. A major resolution I set for myself this year is to wear more jewelry because details are what take you from ‘she obviously rushed out the door’ to ‘she looks put together’.  Of course,  I needed to refresh (more like grow) my collection and have new inspiration. The limit was 2 pieces. I wasn’t going to buy an entire collection and not wear the majority of it. 

I picked 2 pieces from Alex and Ani, and so far, I love them. At Disney Springs (yes I typed Downtown Disney first), NOT ONLY do they sell bracelets inside the big Disney store, they also have an Alex and Ani boutique. 

Bracelet: I really liked the princess bracelets in the matte metal finish that has now been discontinued. They still have a few but once a character sells out it is gone. I got my favorite bookworm, Princess Belle, in the silver finish. 

Wrap Ring: Alex and Ani also have different types of rings. I got the wrap ring from the birth stone collection. The gemstones are ruby red for July.

So it’s September and I have been wearing these for about 2 months. I got them around my birthday. They are two pieces that I remember to wear everyday. I have a gold and silver option depending on what I want that day, or wear them together for the mixed metals trend.  I plan on buying a gold bracelet and a silver ring so everything is balanced out. I also want a necklace but those are a little more expensive, so I’m saving. 



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