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Back to School Makeup 

So for those of you that can manage your time and can do makeup before school, this is for you!

Base: stick to a bb cream because it takes no time to blend out, and has sun protection (always important) . Then, use concealer to make it look like you got 8 hours of sleep. Set everything with a powder to lock everything in place and not transfer when you use your hand as a head rest.

Eyes: use highlighter all over the lid and bronzer in the crease make everything easier. skip mascara so you can rub your tired eyes WITH JOY. If you can’t skip it,( it’s hard I know)  use a brown or clear mascara to minimize the panda eyes

Cheeks: highlight and blush for a fresh look.

Lips: Tinted lip balm. You get color, hydration, and no hassle
When do you start classes? Do you like wearing makeup to school?  Let me know! I start classes the 22nd and am happy to get back to a set routine everyday!! 



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