5 Tips for Reading in a Different Language

A wise person once said that the only way to truly immerse yourself in a language without living in a country that speaks it, is to read in that language. Growing up in a bilingual house, I had a small leg up on this. I can speak Spanish pretty fluently, but going through the american education system,  it’s a given that English is my stronger language.

Hahaha alright enough with the studious tone. Let me make this clear, this. is. hard. I wanted to go into this post bragging about how easy and cool it is to read in two languages, but I was mistaken. Speaking a different language and reading a different language are 2 incredibly different things.I truly appreciate the dedication of those that can’t get books in their native tongue, and read what they can get. Now, does this mean I’m going to stop? NOPE! I really want my ability to read in English and Spanish to be as equal as it can get. I read through Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (not pictured because it was a library lend), Paper Towns by John Green, and am slowly making my way through the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

Paper Towns
The Nightingale

Now my tips, I left out the most obvious one because if you don’t know a second or third language, well that is a different post on a different blog.

  1. Take it slow, it’s not a a race. You don’t have to read it in one sitting. You aren’t any  less of a reader because you can’t get through a few pages in one sitting either.
  2. Grab peppermint oil, a cold compress, or what ever you need to help a headache
  3. Be proud of however many pages you can read in one sitting. If it’s a single page or 20 pages, you are doing great!!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  5. Getting a book that’s not in the common language of where you live can get expensive. It’s heart breaking, but use physical bookstores as a last resort.



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