Tresemme Transformed my Hair

My hair story isn’t too different from others that have super curly, super thick hair, and a lot of it. Frizz and humidity are enemy #1,  gel and mousse help  A LOT, but there is always that lingering fear of going from beautiful mane to unkempt mess at the sight of a rain cloud. I used to straighten my hair more than leaving it natural, because it was just easier and looked better.

Plugging in pictures because I love this so much 

Now fast forward a few months to the hair care isle of a Walmart. I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner, and it was time to mix things up. I’ve used tresmeme before. It got my hair clean, but it wasn’t as revolutionary as the next purchase I was about to make from then. I’ve heard about the Keratin Smooth line and thought it was a bit gimmicky and/or only worked for certain hair types(straight). I got the shampoo and conditioner to test out and…..

Funnily enough, I got the conditioner first and after seeing the difference in my hair I got the shampoo 

THERE IS JUST NO FRIZZ ANYMORE!! The only hair products I change in my hair routine were the shampoo and conditioner to the Keratin Smooth, and now leaving my hair to air dry comes with no worries. It also helps my hair stay straight longer when I do straighten it. Another great thing about these is how affordable they are. College students rejoice!! You too can have great hair at a low cost. I love these so much and will sob the day my hair gets used to the Keratin Smooth and I have to go on the hunt again.


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