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Maybelline Color jolt and Shine Shot Review

I’m always a sucker for any new lip product Maybelline comes up with next, because they have some of the best drugstore lipsticks around.  I had high hopes for the Color Jolt intense lip paints and I wasn’t completely disappointed. I like that they are creamy, smooth, really pigmented, and comfortable to wear for a reasonable amount of time. The range of the color jolts is a little weird though. There are two “nudes”,and  I put nude in quotes because only stripped down is an actual nude. The other, never bare,  is more of a baby pink. Still  a neutral for fair to medium skin tones, but not a nude for any skin tone. Then there are 2 reds, a bright fuchsia, an orange (FUN), and  a super bright and fun purple.


  • creamy
  • pigmented
  • comfortable alternative to a liquid lipstick
  • felt tip applicator
  • smells like candy
  • The nude complements a range of skin tones
  • Squeeze tubes, gotta love the squeeze tubes, especially for the clear gloss


  • They do move around
  • don’t survive food and drink, maybelline doesn’t claim that they are long lasting, but it’s still a con
  • Not many everyday colors
  • 0.21 fl oz is little product for  $7
  •  the applicator soaks up a lot of the  product and can get gunky after a while
Thank you to Sydney for being my fair tester 

So these are good lipsticks, but to me they aren’t anything revolutionary. If the need should arise, I would skip these and go straight to the regular color sensational lipsticks. They are more practical and offer way more colors. They do remind me a lot of the Too Faced melted lipsticks.  I have 3 shades, stripped down, berry naughty, and the shine shot clear gloss.  The star of the show was the Shine Shot clear gloss for many reasons.

  • Double the amount of product
  • isn’t sticky
  • $5
  • the squeeze tube makes it possible to use on top of any color and not ruin the rest of the gloss

I wouldn’t say this is a ” don’t waste your money” product. They are beautiful and have a lot to offer. What I will say is that nothing has yet to beat the color sensational lipsticks.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?




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