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Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette 

So Too Faced is one of my favorite brands. They have some of the cutest packaging. I got the Natural Eyes palette after eyeing it a long time. It was gracious gift from my dear friend. I wanted to do a little review because it’s new to me, and I know that someone else may also be looking for a sign that this palette belongs in their collection 


This is one of the little 9 eyeshadow tins Too Faced has. The packaging for this one is lacey, pink, and adorable. It is really sturdy, so great for travel. The palette has a nice little mirror as well.


The formula for these shadows mirrors the Semi-Sweet chocolate bar palette. They are pigmented but not so pigmented that they would take a long time to blend out. I think this is perfect for someone newer to makeup, or someone looking for a simple everyday palette. They feel super soft when swatching, and barely feel like anything when dusted on the eyelids. 

Color selection: 

This is where I start to have a few issues. Most of the shades are repeated. When swatched, the only difference between them is how warm or cool they are.  Nude and cashmere bunny are similar, silk teddy and push-up are similar, and finally  erotica and chocolate martini are similar.For $36, I want a little more variation. If you have a tan to deep skin tone, this may be a palette of transition shades. There are 4 mattes 6 shimmers. Honey pot is my favorite out the entire palette. 
So I think that is a great everyday palette. Easy colors to work with, such a great formula, and it has a mix of mattes and shimmers. 

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All the Love for Becca Cosmetics

Over the last 18 months or so, highlighters have dominated the cosmetic industry. I, a human with oily skin, didn’t think I would get into highlights as much as I have. I know that eventually I will venture out to other brands. For now, I am a Becca girl through and through. I currently own 3 highlighters, 3 blushes, and a small primer from a gift set. It may not seem like a lot for a makeup lover, but I only have one face. 

Backlight Primer: Smells vaguely of coconuts and I. am. here. for. it  I use this over a mattifying primer, because this oil situation needs to be handled before the glow can be applied.

Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in Rose Gold : magic in a compact this one. I have only had the Rose Gold for a few days. I still don’t know if it suits me, but I sure love wearing it. It is my first FULL SIZED Becca highlighter and it’s everything I imagined and more. It looks so amazing with fresh skin, a simple eye look and a nude lip (my new go to).

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette: HEY NOW HEY NOWWWW THIS IS WHAT DREEEEEEEEEAMS ARE MADE OF (points if you know this reference) I can’t find a reason to complain about this palette. Beautiful from top to bottom. Also, this a palette I never thought I would own. The blushes are so nice and blendable for barely there and cheek enhancing looks. The highlighters are also incredible. The palette includes the original (and amazing ) champagne pop. I use CP when I want my highlight to be noticeable (in a great way). Prosseco pop is the true gold that I use for a more subtle highlight that still looks amazing. 

So, what’s your opinion on the highlight trend? Do you have a favorite highlight? 

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I Only Read These Because School Made Me…

AND NOW I LOVE THEM (I’m done yelling I promise)! Even though I love reading and literature, like everyone else I strongly dislike assigned reading. Reading and scrutinizing every detail of a book, with deadlines, homework, tests, AND projects is nobody’s idea of a good reading experience. On the other hand, If no one forced me to read these, I would still be reading YA exclusively. My English classes and teachers taught me the appreciation of the classics and why they’re so important. There were 4 that have stuck with me after high school.

*these are ordered in the order that I had read them*

*The word love is thrown about excessively*

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

This is one of the first times I had ever read a book where I saw that the main character was dealing with a mental illness. It’s so subtle, because it’s set in the late 1940’s and the book was published in the early 1950’s. Mental illness was horribly misunderstood and it wasn’t a subject  you directly addressed. The main character Holden is telling us the story of how he got put in a mental institution. He has had a tough time dealing with the death of his brother. He doesn’t fit in that well at school, his parents have shipped him from school to school and don’t really know how to help him, and Holden is also 17 so throw in all the usual teenage angst. One winter he just can’t take it and runs away from school . He spends a few days roaming around New York City and he kinda finds himself.

I love this book so much, it’s such a wild ride start to finish

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Let me be 110% honest, this book has destroyed my tear ducts.  The story of Miriam and Laila is beautiful, tragic, and eye opening. Their stories are set in the beginning of Afghanistan’s struggle that has spread to a lot the middle east and is still a big issue today. One of them has a happy ending the other doesn’t. You can’t help but cry for both women.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte  Brontë

Before this, the only other classic book that I read is Pride and Prejudice. I thank my teachers everyday for exposing me to other authors and writers. In this book you follow Jane Eyre, throughout her life. The main thing to know about this book, is that Jane isn’t always in the ideal situation. It doesn’t last forever , but just as the situation improves, she is somehow uprooted and ends up again in another crappy situation. It ends happily for her which is amazing!   I think I love this book so much because A) my friend loved it, so peer pressure and B)  It was my first experience reading a Gothic novel (Gothic romance technically) and I really enjoyed the gloomy atmosphere. Also, a bit of feminism before women even had the right to vote.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

This is a bit of a cheat because this book was never assigned to be by a teacher. My friend had to read it for a class and he loved it, so I got is as a gift.

This book made me realize that it doesn’t really matter what era someone grew up in, teenagers still go through the same issues. Cliques are a part of life and it’s a struggle when people start to break off into them and you just don’t seem to fit in anywhere. It’s also short and awesome to take along for travel.

Ummm I don’t think this needs a summary. I just love books a lot. My question is what books were you assigned to read that you ended up loving (or at least appreciating)?

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Back to School Makeup 

So for those of you that can manage your time and can do makeup before school, this is for you!

Base: stick to a bb cream because it takes no time to blend out, and has sun protection (always important) . Then, use concealer to make it look like you got 8 hours of sleep. Set everything with a powder to lock everything in place and not transfer when you use your hand as a head rest.

Eyes: use highlighter all over the lid and bronzer in the crease make everything easier. skip mascara so you can rub your tired eyes WITH JOY. If you can’t skip it,( it’s hard I know)  use a brown or clear mascara to minimize the panda eyes

Cheeks: highlight and blush for a fresh look.

Lips: Tinted lip balm. You get color, hydration, and no hassle
When do you start classes? Do you like wearing makeup to school?  Let me know! I start classes the 22nd and am happy to get back to a set routine everyday!! 

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5 Tips for Reading in a Different Language

A wise person once said that the only way to truly immerse yourself in a language without living in a country that speaks it, is to read in that language. Growing up in a bilingual house, I had a small leg up on this. I can speak Spanish pretty fluently, but going through the american education system,  it’s a given that English is my stronger language.

Hahaha alright enough with the studious tone. Let me make this clear, this. is. hard. I wanted to go into this post bragging about how easy and cool it is to read in two languages, but I was mistaken. Speaking a different language and reading a different language are 2 incredibly different things.I truly appreciate the dedication of those that can’t get books in their native tongue, and read what they can get. Now, does this mean I’m going to stop? NOPE! I really want my ability to read in English and Spanish to be as equal as it can get. I read through Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (not pictured because it was a library lend), Paper Towns by John Green, and am slowly making my way through the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

Paper Towns
The Nightingale

Now my tips, I left out the most obvious one because if you don’t know a second or third language, well that is a different post on a different blog.

  1. Take it slow, it’s not a a race. You don’t have to read it in one sitting. You aren’t any  less of a reader because you can’t get through a few pages in one sitting either.
  2. Grab peppermint oil, a cold compress, or what ever you need to help a headache
  3. Be proud of however many pages you can read in one sitting. If it’s a single page or 20 pages, you are doing great!!
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  5. Getting a book that’s not in the common language of where you live can get expensive. It’s heart breaking, but use physical bookstores as a last resort.


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Tresemme Transformed my Hair

My hair story isn’t too different from others that have super curly, super thick hair, and a lot of it. Frizz and humidity are enemy #1,  gel and mousse help  A LOT, but there is always that lingering fear of going from beautiful mane to unkempt mess at the sight of a rain cloud. I used to straighten my hair more than leaving it natural, because it was just easier and looked better.

Plugging in pictures because I love this so much 

Now fast forward a few months to the hair care isle of a Walmart. I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner, and it was time to mix things up. I’ve used tresmeme before. It got my hair clean, but it wasn’t as revolutionary as the next purchase I was about to make from then. I’ve heard about the Keratin Smooth line and thought it was a bit gimmicky and/or only worked for certain hair types(straight). I got the shampoo and conditioner to test out and…..

Funnily enough, I got the conditioner first and after seeing the difference in my hair I got the shampoo 

THERE IS JUST NO FRIZZ ANYMORE!! The only hair products I change in my hair routine were the shampoo and conditioner to the Keratin Smooth, and now leaving my hair to air dry comes with no worries. It also helps my hair stay straight longer when I do straighten it. Another great thing about these is how affordable they are. College students rejoice!! You too can have great hair at a low cost. I love these so much and will sob the day my hair gets used to the Keratin Smooth and I have to go on the hunt again.

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Vintage Finds at the Library

Before getting into this post, how old does something need to be for it to be considered vintage? Let me know 

Working in a library has many book nerd perks. My favorite is seeing the withdrawn books before they go out on a cart for people to take home. This week I spotted two books from the 1960s. They were about American life from the 1600s to through the civil war. Not the most interesting material, but American Girl turned me into history fanatic I can’t help it!!  

They look so old (in the best way possible), and I can’t wait to get through them! 

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Maybelline Color jolt and Shine Shot Review

I’m always a sucker for any new lip product Maybelline comes up with next, because they have some of the best drugstore lipsticks around.  I had high hopes for the Color Jolt intense lip paints and I wasn’t completely disappointed. I like that they are creamy, smooth, really pigmented, and comfortable to wear for a reasonable amount of time. The range of the color jolts is a little weird though. There are two “nudes”,and  I put nude in quotes because only stripped down is an actual nude. The other, never bare,  is more of a baby pink. Still  a neutral for fair to medium skin tones, but not a nude for any skin tone. Then there are 2 reds, a bright fuchsia, an orange (FUN), and  a super bright and fun purple.


  • creamy
  • pigmented
  • comfortable alternative to a liquid lipstick
  • felt tip applicator
  • smells like candy
  • The nude complements a range of skin tones
  • Squeeze tubes, gotta love the squeeze tubes, especially for the clear gloss


  • They do move around
  • don’t survive food and drink, maybelline doesn’t claim that they are long lasting, but it’s still a con
  • Not many everyday colors
  • 0.21 fl oz is little product for  $7
  •  the applicator soaks up a lot of the  product and can get gunky after a while
Thank you to Sydney for being my fair tester 

So these are good lipsticks, but to me they aren’t anything revolutionary. If the need should arise, I would skip these and go straight to the regular color sensational lipsticks. They are more practical and offer way more colors. They do remind me a lot of the Too Faced melted lipsticks.  I have 3 shades, stripped down, berry naughty, and the shine shot clear gloss.  The star of the show was the Shine Shot clear gloss for many reasons.

  • Double the amount of product
  • isn’t sticky
  • $5
  • the squeeze tube makes it possible to use on top of any color and not ruin the rest of the gloss

I wouldn’t say this is a ” don’t waste your money” product. They are beautiful and have a lot to offer. What I will say is that nothing has yet to beat the color sensational lipsticks.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?