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Travel Essentials

Traveling with friends is always a fun thing to do. Cheap travels ( if possible), a cool destination, great memories, and tons and tons  of pictures!! Question is, what do you bring with you on the traveling part of the journey? My trip is Wednesday and I finally got a good list of things to keep me entertained.

Camera: For some people, It can be a fancy dslr, it could be that Polaroid you thrifted not too long ago, it could be your phone. Story is that I need a camera, those pictures and the  memories they bring with them, will last for forever and it’ll be great to stick in a scrap-book, or frame around my house (room.)

300 writing prompts:I like to write, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to come up with inspiration. I got this notebook in Books A Million the other day. It has 300 different topics to write about. I also have a separate notebook in case the inspiration really takes hold.

Books: Because I am me, and I also want to use as little data as possible, I’m bringing two books with me. Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg: From reading the first girl online book, I’m going to assume that it’s another easy read and  I’ll finish it before we get to where we are going. I got This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab for my birthday and I am SO EXCITED to read.

Headphones:  Headphones are essential for anything travel related. Weather going international or making the long trip from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Essential Oils: I like to take a more natural route when it comes to dealing with my anxiety. The chamomile and lavender oils help calm and soothe in a stressful situation.

Facial Spray: Because no one smells good or feels good after being cooped up in a car for hours.

So yes, I’m going  on a trip to go see 5 seconds of summer tomorrow!! I’m super excited! I’ve been trying to see them for YEARS, and the day has finally arrived. I’m traveling to Jacksonville Florida with a few friends, because it’s always better as a group.

Are you traveling soon? What are your essentials?



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5 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. Love the idea of the writing prompts and also the essential oils- I’m not a huge fan of flying myself! Followed your blog and would love it if you could check out mine? Super cool blog x
    The Buttercup Baby

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