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Herschel Supply Co Backpack First Impressions

One of the trendiest backpacks around, and I finally bit the bullet and got one. I’m basing my pros and cons off of the Retreat style backpack because it’s the one I have.


  • Beautiful to look at
  • padded shoulder straps
  • tons and tons of room
  • padded, fleece lined slot for a laptop (or electronics) that doesn’t go all the way to the bottom for added protection
  • Complements from people who want one but don’t plan to get one
  • feeling so on trend
  • when packed up, everything seems to fall into place, and nothing is sticking out weirdly and poking you in the back
  • goes with most outfits
  • it doesn’t look like you’re off to class, more like a weekend of backpacking
  • you can get them off amazon, who I trust for all my online buying needs


  • Drawstring closure can leave you feeling some with uncertainty about your items being safe
  • They are a pricier than other backpacks
  • Tons and Tons of room. Sometimes it can be a con if you aren’t carrying much
  • No added zip pouch for smaller items, just an open sleeve

Overall: I’m happy with this choice. I was very skeptical about it at first, because $80 is a lot for “just a backpack”. While this isn’t the life changing Mary Poppins bag we all wish for, the retreat style does hold a lot and looks great while being functional and comfortable. It’s fits my 15 inch computer like it’s another note book, and the charger. Right now, I use it for school and work, but I have a few trips coming up before the fall semester starts, where I’ll really put it to the test.

Do you have a Herschel Supply Co. bag? It’s officially back to school season, are you planning on getting one? What’s your opinion, I’d love know!!



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