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Rediscovering Revlon Lip Butters!

Not exactly a book related post but, if you watch YouTube, (specifically beauty gurus) do you remember in 2012 when everyone and their mama had the Revlon Lip Butters in every shade? These were the best tinted lip balms ever to be created. They were affordable, comfortable, and came in every color imaginable. Well, I was walking through target and stopped by the Revlon (which is really rare. I don’t dislike Revlon, I just tend to forget about it oooopppps.) and in some obscure little corner were the lip butters!  

 The same packaging and everything but the shade range was cut down drastically . Instead of 20+ shades there are now about 11.( I guess my target had some left over and had a few extra shades the website promotes 11)  I got three staples that I will be using more than my traditional lipsticks because spring summer aren’t ideal conditions for heavy lip products in Florida . Maybe I’ll use them under liquid lipsticks WHO KNOWS???? 

Top to bottom I got l: candy apple (warm red), berry smoothie ( everyday pink), and juicy papaya ( peachy color)