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Strawberry Picking 2016 

The first day of spring break I went strawberry picking with my family!

This was the first year we went picking because we didn’t know that it was a thing until mom’s friend from work suggested it.

Besides it being FREEZING, (that’s about 54 degrees in Florida in MARCH) it was a lot of fun. So many beautiful pictures and it’s always amazing to spend time with my mom and sister. We all are so busy it is nice to do something with them for a fantastic change.

My mom won best picture of the day for sure, look HOW CUTE SHE IS!!

I wanted to do an outfit post but my h&m sweater covered most of it. I wore a pacsun flannel, forever 21 jeans, and converse!

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Book & Movie: Brooklyn

Brooklyn was one of my favorite movies of 2015.

I was shocked to learn that it was a book before a movie because usually, I am pretty aware of things like that. Anyways, I think it is an accurate portrayal of what it’s like when moving from one country to another. I personally have no experience with that , but my mom does. She came to New York around the same age as Eilis (main character). I have so much more respect for anyone who does make a move that big. So many simple things that we think are normal in our culture can be mind blowing for another.


Quick summary: Eilis Lacey doesn’t have much going for her in Ireland. All the jobs are taken, she’s studying but that doesn’t help much, and no boyfriend for the foreseeable future. She was thinking of heading to England for work like her brothers when an opportunity to go live in Brooklyn New York comes up. She deals with adjusting to american culture, and it makes her really home sick until she meets Tony. He isn’t her saving grace, but he helps her feel connected to life in the states and starts to enjoy it. Tragedy strikes and Eilis heads back to Ireland where more shenanigans  happen and you think she won’t go back to Tony and Brooklyn, but you have to read the rest to find out.

Loves: I do really enjoy that while she does have a boyfriend, it’s not the only thing making her happy enough to  start liking New York. She goes to school, has a job, and she’s making friends. Tony was the missing piece of the puzzle. Tony isn’t the cliche knight in shinning armor either. He is  a normal guy, that cares a lot about Eilis and wants to build a life with her. That’s also something I love, most everyone and most situations are normal. The personalities are not too exaggerated and over the top to distinguish characters. The situations Eilis goes through aren’t other worldly it’s really relateable. That’s how it came off to me, other people I know that have read it, and my mom as well. It’s refreshing to read a book like that now and then.

Not love: The book is separated into parts instead of chapters, and they are on the longer side. I like reading one chapter/part a session and I couldn’t do that. Getting to the main point of the part was a struggle. It can get boring in a few spots, but again there isn’t anything super exaggerated in the book so it tends to happen.

How does it compare to the movie : The book goes into a lot more depth into the background of the characters. Family and friends are all involved and the movie doesn’t do that. I think the book is better, but the movie is visually STUNNING and still worth watching.

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The Coloring Book Obsession 





This has made a shocking comeback, coloring. Yes the ultimate childhood favorite has returned and this time children aren’t the only ones taking advantage of it. The coloring books that are made for adults are so freaking cool, and we have many more options too. My too favorites are a “Fashion Design” and a romantic castles . I have others that are basic floral print, I use them more when I need to calm down, but the other two is where I like to get creative with color schemes. I even like to add in my own little drawings and designs to them. It’s so perfect for those of us who can’t draw. I am in the mood to go get the game of thrones coloring books, because it’s awesome. There are some added benefits too. I remember being a kid and a teacher made me sit and color every single day. I had to color neatly as well because it apparently helps with handwriting? I know hand writing isn’t a huge deal anymore with all of this technology (It really should because hand written letters are adorable),  but it helps justify the amount of time I dedicated to coloring. I love to color at night right before bed. It helps me disconnect from all the screens and oddly enough I sleep better