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The Beginning: a New Start

Have you ever taken a long hard look at your life and thought, ” I don’t feel like I’m doing enough”? Well that was me around my senior year of high school. Being completely honest, teenagers are always in some type of crisis and I was (am) no different. Being influenced by too many Youtube channels, I was inspired to create something online. Something meaningful that could open a new window to the next great adventure.   Youtube is always an option but circumstance is’t allowing that to happen, and also I’m not the best at expressing myself vocally. Writing something down and being able to look over it and tweak things to my liking, that sounds more like me. I started a blog and it was a neat little experiment. I found out where some of my passions lie, I learned a lot about time management, and I gained a lot of self discipline. Some time has passed and I feel the need for a new start. A place where I can really hunker down and start to take this seriously. Because through everything I’ve experienced with my last blog,  (which is still up and running, there are great and possibly embarrassing memories on there) I learned how much I love this. It’s as simple as sitting in a coffee shop, scolding yourself for buying that brownie even though it’s not cheat day, and typing away.



My little corner of the internet

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